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PostHeaderIcon Lottery promise to make 10 Millionaire raffle winners in the UK

The National lottery have announced that there will be ten winners in the euromillions draw on Friday the 12th of November 2010.  Buy your tickets now!

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PostHeaderIcon Millionaire Raffle October 29th 2010 Results

No one managed to match all 5 numbers and 2 lucky stars, nor did anyone match 5 numbers and get even 1 star.

However 10 lucky people did match 5 numbers with no stars making them a cool £58,101.10 each! So check your euromillions lottery ticket against the results today!

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PostHeaderIcon October 2010 Millionaire Raffle Results

Friday the 29th of October 2010 TBY718206

Friday the 22nd of October 2010 SBH74759

Friday the 15th of October 2010 RZY355667

Friday the 8th of October 2010 PXV227093

Friday the 1st of October 2010 PXY889884

PostHeaderIcon September 2010 Millionaire Raffle Results

Friday the 24th of September 2010 NXS293772

Friday the 17th of September 2010 MXC088767

Friday the 10th of September 2010 HVW107353

Friday the 3rd  of September 2010  KWS437385

PostHeaderIcon Why an E-Lottery Euro-Millions Syndicate is a Much Greater Value Than You Think

Playing the Euro-millions has just got much better with the introduction of the Millionaire Raffle. This Raffle guarantees one UK ticket holder the chance to win £1.000.000 pounds, this is not a one off. This is guaranteed every week. Every Euro-millions ticket now has a raffle style ticket number printed on it. All you have do do is be the lucky player to match this raffle ticket number. There is a downside to this, the price of a Euro-millions ticket has increased from £1.50 to £2.00.

So what does this have to do with the E-lottery?

These changes have increased the value of a E-lottery Euro-millions Syndicate placement massively, this is because the price of a Euro-millions Syndicate ticket price remains the same. Meaning as a ticket holder you will now get 36 chances to win the share of the Millionaire Raffle as well. That is effectively 36 raffle tickets for the price of £5.00.

The E-lottery also guarantee you to match both star numbers, meaning you only need to match the main numbers to win a prize. This is because of how this clever multi-win syndicate is run. As a syndicate member you are placed in a syndicate with a total of 36 players each having a different combination of the star numbers, this means every combination of star numbers is covered. This in effect gives you a massively increased chance of winning in both the main draw and the Millionaire raffle draw.

In the quest for total value for money the e-lottery have gone even further. Each player now receives a e-lottery “Golden ticket”. This ticket is placed in a draw of which one player per week will win a prize. Small electrical prizes such as i-pods, flat screen TVs, and sat navs are available to be won. They Evan have a annual mega draw. previous prizes have been a brand new Mini car.

To learn more about the e-lottery and request further information visit:-

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PostHeaderIcon How the New Euromillions Raffle Works

Since November 13th 2009, Euro Millions Lottery tickets purchased within the UK are eligible for the new EuroMillions Raffle draw. The draw guarantees that one of the tickets purchased will receive a raffle prize of £1,000,000

Let’s Look at The Odds Of Winning

If we look at the average number of euro millions tickets purchased in the UK each week, which is approximately 6 million, your winning odds will on average be about 6 million to 1. Obviously, this is an average. One of the big influencing factors will be roll over weeks. The euro millions lottery rolls over on a regular basis and ticket sales experience large upsurges in sales during these times.

How Does The EuroMillions Raffle Work?

Each UK purchased ticket is allocated a raffle ticket number, this number takes the form of 3 letters followed by 6 numbers, the first raffle produced a winning number of KBF921587.
Raffle numbers are automatically allocated to each ticket in true raffle style. This means that, unfortunately, you cannot select your own raffle numbers.

There is no need to do anything different when purchasing your euro millions ticket, you are simply allocated the raffle number at time of purchase

Each week one random raffle number is drawn and the owner of the winning ticket receives the £1,000,000

Only players purchasing their tickets in the UK will receive entry into the raffle, but, it comes at an expense. Tickets in the UK used to be charged at £1.50 each, they’re now charged at £2.00 each which means that a premium of £0.50 has been added to the ticket to cover the cost of the millionaire raffle.

How Can I Play The Lottery From Abroad?

One of the best ways to enjoy playing the euro millions in the UK while you are abroad is to join one of the UK based euro millions lottery syndicates. This not only increases your odds of winning a prize in the lottery, it will also increase your winning odds in the millionaire raffle.

Ian T Taylor markets the unique EuroMillions Syndicates system online. Members of Ian’s syndicates are 36 times more likely to win the Lottery

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